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      1. pH ORP Ref °C Digital
        CS1597 pH sensor-Non- aqueous media (organic phase)
        CS1597 pH 電極 有機溶劑、非水相環境適用
        Order number CS15971B
        former order number -
        pH range 0 - 12
        zero point (pH) 7.00 ± 0.25
        temperature range -10 - 100 °C
        Pressure 0 -3 bar
        temperature probe Optional
        shaft material Glass
        membrane glass W28
        membrane resistance < 500 MΩ
        reference system SNEX (Yellow) Ag/ AgCl/ KCl
        reference diaphragm one porous ceramic
        bridge electrolyte Sat. LiCl solution
        junction Double
        electrode head PG13.5 thread
        cable length 5m
        connector BNC
        cell constant (cm-1) -
        cell type -
        indicating metal -
        Storage -
        Process Sensors
        Analysis for health and medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology and other industry.
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